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Launch Websites Quicker And Easier with Copy Up Front

Copywriting Services For Web Designers, Web Developers and Agencies

The Simple Solution To Your Website Copy Challenges

Is getting copy the biggest hold-up in your website project timeline?

Often, your clients haven't thought about their website content.


So when you ask them to provide SEO conversion copy that's customer-focused and written with H1, H2, and H3 headings, including keywords and alt text, that has a logical and compelling information flow …

Funnily enough, they freak out!

The project stalls (or never gets off the ground), the half-built website sits in the holding pen, and you spend hours emailing for updates and waiting for the final paycheck. Or you end up patchworking together copy from random paragraphs you've been given.

The End To Website Launch Frustration

At Collected Copy, I support you to get your website projects completed on time and in budget (and with results that make your clients love you). 

Because when you’ve got the copy waiting for you and everything's ready to go, jobs are quicker and cheaper to run, projects are finished, and the final payment is made on time.

Katrina is our go-to copywriter

"As we continue our relationship with our clients beyond the website launch, we see how well her words sell on our client's websites! We see the enquiries come in, and the products and courses being sold.  

We love her framework which means the words are always clear and concise - they paint a picture while also eliminating the confusion most people experience when trying to read a website.  She also understands branding, and cleverly sprinkles a client's brand message at every opportunity to further reinforce the uniqueness of their brand.  

It always seems to be effortless how the words come together with Katrina, but also the project as a whole, since she is straightforward and very timely - she works well within our design process! 

Without her words, our websites convert less and bore people more.  Hire her now!!"

Lori, Lola Media Design

Website projects run quicker and easier with everything up front

Imagine starting every website project with the copy you need sitting in a folder waiting for you to use.

And not just copy, but all the SEO - H1, H2, H3 hierarchy headings, page titles, meta descriptions and alt texts. Written into a wireframe with personality and emotion to support the brand.

All you need to do is copy and paste the words into the right places. Without having to chew up headspace or waste time reading, understanding and interpreting the words you're putting on the page.

You can focus on doing what you love - the website design and build.

“It’s not that I can't write.
It just doesn't light my fire.”

You're not a copywriter. Yes, you can get the job done, but it takes a heap of extra time and effort and doesn't light your fire.

Getting a good copywriter shouldn't be hard. But not every copywriter knows how to collaborate with designers or write within the process of web development.

You're great at designing at building websites. You deserve to have copy that enhances your design and has everything it needs to be an easy build.

You're In Safe Hands

"As a website designer, getting the right copy that talks to the customer and still plays nice with Google is a big task.

Katrina is really great at bringing everything together and making the job of a web developer really easy so they can focus on the design and tech side of things.

I highly recommend Katrina to anyone wanting new, or refreshed words for their website." 

Melanie, Melanco Consulting

Hi. I’m Katrina. Website specialist SEO and conversion copywriter

I’ve years of nerding-out on how to write for websites under my belt.

I spent 3 years as a StoryBrand Certified Guide and have taken training to become a conversion copy and SEO expert. I've built websites and worked with many website designers and developers in the past, so I know what it takes to hand over copy that makes your website build a breeze. 

I can provide you with wireframed copy with all the SEO goodies. And written with personality, clarity, and flow that gets results for your clients and makes your job easier.

I’m flexible and love collaborating with designers who make my words look amazing so that the website works like magic.

Copy Wireframe to Design 

See what copy from Collected Copy looks like in a wireframe. 

And how easy it is for the web designer to take the conversion and SEO website copy and make the site look amazing!

Katrina's copy allows me to focus on design

"Katrina's organised file made my job as a website designer a breeze. The clear structure, including H1, H2, and H3 headings, along with eye-catching CTA buttons and links, allowed me to focus on creating a visually appealing design while effortlessly integrating the content.

I'm excited about the future partnership opportunities with Katrina for my website design clients. Thank you, Katrina, for your invaluable contribution to our projects!"

Sara-Jane Austen
Designer Bloom

We’ll Make An Awesome Team!

You can refer clients to me (tell them about this page), or we can work together as a strategic team!

When we work together on website projects, here’s what you get.

For Your Website Design and Development Projects

  • SEO Copy

    • SEO keyword research and page placement

    • H1, H2, H3 etc hierarchy headings

    • Page title

    • Meta description

    • Alt text

  •  Conversion Copy

    • Brand voice and personality copy

    • Voice of customer research

    • Competitor research

  •  Wireframe specific to your website platform/template limitations

  • 2 x rounds of amendments

  • Collaborative design and copy experience

For Promoting Design + Copy Packages To Your Clients

  • Onboarding copy

    • The Words to use in your discovery call and proposal to sell design + copy packages to your clients. 

  • Package promotion

    • Blogs and social media post copy to help you promote your design + copy packages.

  • Upsell offerings

    • Create on-going profits by offering blogs, email and lead magnet packages to your clients once their website project has been completed. 

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The Simple Solution To Your Website Copy Problems

White labelling is when your purchase services from another company and present them to the customer under your brand name. This gives you the ability to

  • Have seamless client care

  • Add value to your clients

  • Mark  up white label prices to earn a profit

Download my white-label service and price brochure and see how simple it is for us to work together.

Needing Website Copy To Make Your Projects Run Smoother? 
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How Can I sell The Design + Copy Packages To My Clients, and other questions you might have

How can I sell design + copy package to my clients?

I'll provide you with words to use to show your clients how valuable getting copy written for them is. Many copywriters I've spoke with who have started offering only design + copy packages have had no problems marketing it to their clients when they see the benefits of having it professionally written.

How does the payment work?

You know my wholesale prices, so you can choose to mark up these prices for your clients. I'll invoice you, and you invoice the client. We'll talk about project payment terms when we set up our strategic partnership.

I just want you to provide the copy without selling a copy + design package. 

That's all good too! If you want to refer clients to me for projects, just head them over here to my website, or introduce us by email ( 

How long does the copy take?

It depends on how many pages the website is, but generally copy takes about 3-4 weeks to turn around from the initial copy interview or strategy session. It also depends on how long the client takes to get amendments back.

Can you sign a subcontractor agreement?

I sure can! I'm used to working with agencies and as a "ghost copywriter" and am more than happy to look at subcontractor agreements.