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Website Copywriting

Get Found and Get Results 

Are You Dreaming Of A Professional Website You Can Feel Proud Of?

A website that shows your clients quickly and clearly they're in the right place.

A website that engages with them and shows you can help solve their problems.

A website that converts them into raving fans and loyal customers. 

Is it time to super-charge your website?

The bottom line is that you want to make sure your website really connects with your clients. To do that, you need to get the right words in the right place.

Over time your business direction may have moved on and you need your website to reflect your new direction. 

Even if you’re at the start of your business journey, having the right words on your website can help you grow quickly and without mucking about. 

Having the wrong words on your website can mean you're missing out on clients who are looking for us to help change their lives. 

Katrina Challenged Our Thinking To Come Up With Great Copy

"Our business has evolved over the last few years and our website copy didn't reflect the changes. 

By working with Katrina, we now have well-defined service offerings, the copy clearly explains where our clients are on their journey and most importantly how we can help. 

We now feel that the website better reflects who we love to work with, how to work with us and who we can help. Katrina was patient, listened to feedback and challenged our thinking to come up with some great copy. " 

Donna, Decryption Bookkeeping

What does it take for website copy to connect and convert?

SEO Copywriting
Search Engine Optimisation is all about getting found by Google - and being presented to your clients when they search for help. Keywords, page titles, meta descriptions, alt text. It's another language. And one I speak like a local. So your website has the best chance of getting found on Google searches. 

Storytelling creates a connection that helps you engage with your clients. With all those ideas buzzing around your head, how do you know which ones will make meaningful connections? I take time to explore your business and clients to uncover the stories that connect and grow your brand. 

Conversion Copywriting
Getting more bookings and sales isn't about luck. It's about knowing what your clients want and what's getting in their way of getting it. Then taking this data to create compelling stories on your website. Changing browsers into bookings and raving fans. 

Don’t miss out on sales because of wishy-washy website words

More and more people are checking out businesses online before they connect in person.

But it’s taking all your efforts to connect and get them to sign up.

Every. Single. Word. needs to be placed on your website and in your emails with intention and purpose.

She Guided Me Through The Process

"This was my first website and I felt fortunate to work with Katrina- she guided me through the copywriting process and explained the "how and why" throughout.

She was able to extract the "essence" of my brand and my words and created a beautiful and well-flowing copy. I am excited about the results and enjoyed working with Katrina." 

Christina, Nourish by Christina Becker

Hi. I’m Katrina. Website specialist SEO and conversion copywriter

I’ve spent five years specialising in exactly how to make this happen, so you don’t have to!

  • The research process to understand exactly what your customers want.

  • SEO keyword research and placement so your website can be found.

  • Diving even deeper into research to match your customers’ language so when they land on your website, they stay because you’re saying exactly what’s in their head!

  • And, writing words that reflect your brand personality, so you’re super-proud to shout about your amazing business.

Website Copy 

One page or ten, every website copy includes

Brand clarity session
Get clear on who your dream client is, what they want from you, how you help solve their problems and transform their lives - and discover what barriers are stopping them from engaging with you. 

SEO keyword research
Being clear is only the first step. Being found online by your clients is essential, and that means getting your website Google-ready using SEO (search engine optimization) best practices. 

Customer and competitor research
Call me a professional stalker! I dive into your customer profiles and others in your niche to find out what’s really going on. And use this gold mine of information to craft the best on-page experience for your website.

Conversion copy
With all that done, it’s time to write the words and journey for your website that’s focused on ethically encouraging your clients to sign up, book an appointment, contact you or complete their purchase. 

Wireframe (mock-up) of how your site will look
Having the words isn’t enough. User Experience (UX) of your website adds another layer of conversion-sparkle, based on nerdy things like eye-tracking, to your website. Having this visual layout also makes it easier for your web designer to do the design!

Get Your Website Connecting and Converting With The Right Words

You're done playing around and want Every. Single. Word on your website to connect and convert. 

Seriously. You're serious about growth. 

For this, you need everything that SEO Copywriting, Storytelling and Conversion Copy can bring. The deep research and the laser-focused copy that super-sizes your growth and brings you most return on your investment. 

Website Copy Investment

  • SEO keyword research. So you know what your clients are looking for.

  • SEO title tag and meta description copy. So you can be found by Google and your customers.

  • Voice of Customer research. So you use the words they're saying.

  • Competition research. So you can see how to position yourself apart from the crowd.

  • Conversion-based website copy

  • A personalised wireframe visual display to help your web developer lay out the copy for the best effect. So your website doesn't look like everyone else's website. 

  • 2 x Zoom 90-minute Zoom calls

  • 2 x rounds of revision


Starts at NZ$1400 (+GST for NZ clients) 
Payment plans are available. 

Each project is priced individually depending on the number of pages required. We'll talk about this at your discovery call. 

Needing a web designer, photographer, new brand design or business coach?

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Stand out and book more clients with website copy that connects and converts
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How Can You Make My Website Sound Like Me? And Other Questions You Might Have

How can you make my website sound like me?

How can someone else write my website copy? Only I know my business - how can someone else write about it? My process is so unique and individual. How can I explain it on a sales page?

Sound familiar? They’re all common barriers that stop you from reaching out to a website copywriter.  Here’s the thing. Your website should sound like you but say the words your clients need to hear. Reflecting your clients' words back to them on your website is more important than using your words. If your process is too complex for you to describe, it needs to be simplified so your customers can understand it. 

As a website copywriter, 60% of my time is spent researching what your clients want, what they’re saying and what’s stopping them from clicking through. (The other 40% is split between writing and editing!). So, if you’re wondering how someone else can write your website copy because they’re not you. Remember, your website’s not really about you. It’s about your ideal clients.

How do we work together? I can't find the words, so how can I expect you to?

I've worked with many, many business owners who just can't find the right words. This is why we start the process with a questionnaire that gets the thoughts about your business out of your head and onto a piece of paper. You don't even need to write the answers. Many of my client's voice record the answers for me. This questionnaire deep-dives into your clients and customers, what they need and want and how you provide the solutions to their challenges. It's such an enlightening process!

We then meet up on Zoom to go through the questionnaire. Slowly, the important threads start to come free, and we can see the important conversations that your website needs to have.

Then I go away and research and write! I sent the draft copy back to you with a video walk-through so you can see why the copy is written as it is. 

We meet up on Zoom again to go through the amendments. And then, it's ready to go to your web designer to make the magic happen. 

You're based in Auckland, New Zealand. Do you work for overseas clients?

Yes. I've worked with many businesses in the US, Canada and Australia as well as here in New Zealand. 

Do you write copy for e-commerce websites or service-based ones?

I write for both e-commerce and service-based businesses. You can see examples of my work on my portfolio page. 

I don't have a web designer (yet) - can you recommend anyone?

Yes indeed! I've been able to work alongside many web designers who build on a variety of platforms. Head over to my "Really Useful People" page and check out some of the marketing professionals I love to recommend.