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The Value of 'Website in One Day' VIP Packages for Web Designers

Everyone in business understands the value of time.

I see more and more web designers offering VIP days, where they dedicate an entire day to their client's projects and deliver custom-built websites. 

In our fast-paced digital world, clients are increasingly seeking swift, efficient solutions. This is where 'Website in One Day' VIP packages come into the picture. 

These packages offer an appealing, expedited solution, not only for clients but also for web designers. 

Here's why these packages can be a game-changer for your web design business:

1. Focused Efficiency and Time Management

The 'Website in One Day' package offers an impressive efficiency boost. 

By focusing on one client at a time, web designers can commit their entire attention to a single project for the whole day. It's a focused effort that increases productivity and reduces the often drawn-out timeframe typically required to complete a website. 

Knowing that a website will be finished in a day also allows for more effective time scheduling, particularly beneficial for freelancers or small agencies juggling multiple clients or projects.

2. Immediate Results and Higher Pricing Potential

Clients are always eager to see results. 

A 'Website in One Day' package offers immediate results. This quick turnaround time is a significant selling point, and due to the intense focus and immediate results, these types of packages can often command a premium price. 

Clients understand they're not just paying for the website but for the expedited timeline and immersive experience.

3. Direct Client Involvement

One of the standout benefits of these packages is the level of client involvement. 

As a web designer, you work in real-time with the client, allowing them to answer questions, provide feedback, and approve designs on the spot. This minimises delays associated with traditional back-and-forth communication and helps shape a site that closely aligns with the client's vision.

4. Streamlined Process and Simplified Revision

A 'Website in One Day' package demands preparation from both the designer and the client. 

All necessary materials and resources must be ready before the design day begins, leading to a more streamlined, efficient process with fewer hiccups. 

Additionally, active client involvement allows for on-the-spot revisions, reducing the need for prolonged revision periods typically experienced in traditional web design projects.

5. Increased Client Satisfaction

A fascinating byproduct of the 'Website in One Day' package is enhanced client satisfaction. 

Clients get to witness their website come to life in real-time, actively participating in shaping its look and feel. This personal involvement often leads to a higher satisfaction level with the end product, resulting in positive reviews and referrals.

How to prepare for your Website in One Day package

Having the content you need is essential to the VIP experience.

Before the day

Have a strategy call - at least 1 month before the day

  • Ensure you know exactly what you’re doing and what they expect. 

  • How many web pages do they need?

  • Do they need any integrations or plugins? 

  • What content do they have, and what do they need? 

  • Make sure they’ll be available on the day for calls. 

Get the content

  • They might need new visual branding - so you can work on that or recommend a graphic designer. 

  • Do they need website copy for their website?

  • Do they have photography, or do they need this too?

  • What about stock images? Do they have a range of stock photos available or do they need this too?

As a website copywriter, this is where I come in. Many designers I work with book me to write the copy 4 weeks before the Website in One Day package date

This 4-week time frame can also ensure you have time to have the design elements finalised and photography booked, and any edits done.

On the day

Everything is ready to go! So you get to focus on building the site. 

Make sure your client is available at points during the day to check everything before you go live.

After the day

Don’t forget to follow up with support and maintenance packages.

Website in One Day VIP packages offer a new, dynamic approach to web design that benefits both designers and clients. 

However, it's crucial to remember that they may not be suitable for every project, particularly for larger or more complex websites. 

Nevertheless, these packages provide a compelling solution in today's fast-paced digital environment for web designers seeking to maximize their efficiency, increase client satisfaction, and potentially elevate their earning potential.

Offering VIP website in one day packages? Include copy in your pricing to make the experience smooth and of most benefit to your clients.